“Genre Talk : DYSTOPIA”

While to delegate taste of a person in Entertainment, there’s lot of standings such as Artists, Director, Studio, Lyricist, Actor Many. People just personally prefer differently. In a broader spectrum, the narrowing measure to consider is Genre. Genre are fun because, creating one, following it, breaking it – everything just are so curious.

My favorite genre in Music, Rock. It was instant, I just knew guitar and drums make me so much of, Me. But films, well I’ve had a bit of journey to it.

I used to love Action more than anything else. Basically adrenaline rush, and not having to care about understanding the language, and the film. But once I got to know, the true essence of films, I went on to loving Thriller, Drama, War, Sci-fi and Noir so on. Of course I’m fond of them all, but which genre you just blindly try without hesitation, just for getting more of it; that’s Dystopia for me. A sub-genre clone of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Noir, proving Perfect Cocktail exists.

Dystopia, started almost by Literature, a a history says. Since words are the basic expression medium, which existed before Theater or Films its true indeed. Literature wise, if I speak on Dystopia, it goes beyond. Dystopia ran it’s course through many, many works including HG Wells Time Machine to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four, but for now let me just talk about Dystopia that I know, through visuals. 

Unknowingly about the genre specification, first Dystopian film I watched is Akira. To stay my favorite anime after all this time is the gravity of effect thee film left on me. Akira didn’t just introduced me to wonderful and creative paradise called, Anime but also to what went up to be my favorite genre. 

Akira (1988) by Katushiro Otomo

Much thanks for it, I started hunting down the Dystopian works. The works that says something of a world, which no one wants to see, but the possibility is just right around the corner. My pessimistic instincts gathered all the strengths and feathered all the way. 

Later came many of Dystopian masterpieces, like 1984, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Children of Men, Gattaca, The Matrix many. 

My favorite Dystopia, exponentially valuable, is A Clockwork Orange.  

Clockwork Orange for me is a flawless masterpiece! It’s not just the character of the time  Alex or Sci-fi tie-in that makes me love it, it’s the nature of the world. A world where, Society Failed! The world where everything is normally abnormal.  It’s aching, weird and scary all and not once, the sickening alternative reality, that is what I love about it, that’s what. 

Every single time I start to think of writing a new story, if it’s even in single way connected to a dystopia reality, I think of Clockwork Orange. It’s not benchmark  it’s a sort of billboard that shows the map as nd guideline for the genre I’m getting into, that’s the power of Clockwork Orange. 

A Clockwork Orange (1971) by Stanley Kubrick

 I will list a bunch of Dystopian genre films down, if you’re interested do watch it, they’re worth your time, because even a young-adult like Maze Runner, Hunger Games gain a immersive potential when it’s included a concept derived from Dystopian reality, so it will entertain you. 

Now to come for TV, the event is specially kept now for below shows:

  • Ghost in the Shell
  • The Walking Dead
  • Black Mirror 
  • And recent The Handmaid’s Take. 

    There are more like Westworld, but let me take an another article to update on that. 

    Ghost in the Shell, as in films a sci-fi and Walking Dead a horror. They’re worth it because, they have a strong and addictive plot and having detailed and natural take on disrupted easily that is. 

    Now for, Black Mirror. I list it in my top 10 shows,  and genre plays major role here for it. Black Mirror has a unrelated plot structure, where no one episode is continuity of any story, though presumably same universe, it’s handling is still different. The best thing about Black Mirror is it shows a technological aftermath of something, a device to phenomenon, which are socially impressive and adjusted factors, but have this potential to turn everything around. Normal stuff – for now – like Twitter, A smartphone, Era of modern-day that which the story has, that’s what it sort of gives gives a caution about.  The show van be started from anywhere,  end by anywhere, now running, it’s a one show that no one should miss. 

    Black Mirror (2011 – ) created by Charlie Brooker

    The society and it’s alternative take makes Dystopia stronger,  perfect. Dystopia works usually starts right in the middle and we get glimpses of past what lead to it. Unlike Black Mirror a realism alternative near future anthology talk, for a system failure, it’s hard to pinpoint while contemplating past. 1984  is clear example for this, we agree Andover with it, and think all the possibility over what led to it, probably the reason why that work is adored by me and everyone.

    A story story that actually tells what happened, why things distorted, via non-linear storyline, that is, The Handmaid’s Tale.

    A recently started Hulu show, which deals with several themes like Feminism, Religion, Politics, Power and Life. The show which is adapted from a major literature work, which itself often considered a fine Dystopian work. In the end note, without ruining much, I give you this amazing show,  which as I said worth every minute of it with its pure drama narrative. 

    The Handmaid’s Tale (2017 – ) in Hulu
    That’s all folks, this article came a bit later than I initially started it, and here are some of the must watch Dystopian products that you’d love:

    A Clockwork Orange, Gattaca,Westworld, Akira, Minority Report, 1984, Walking Dead, Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Children of Men, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Brazil, 12 Monkeys, Madmax, Total Recall, Tron, Planet of the Apes,  AI. Etc. 

    For more : http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2014/20-great-dystopian-films-that-are-worth-your-time/


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